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Microsoft Dynamics for Food and Beverage Distribution

The food and beverage distribution industry is defined by strict compliance standards, low profit margins, intense competition, and high customer expectations. To ensure customer needs are understood and addressed quickly, you need efficient and effective ordering processes, as well as the flexibility to respond to changing customer demands and market trends.

Microsoft Dynamics offers powerful, integrated distribution software solutions for companies in the food and beverage distribution industry. These solutions can help you succeed by allowing for automatic data collection, speeding products from supplier to the store shelf, removing waste from operations, and meeting the demands of your food and beverage distribution customers.

Monitor food safety

  • Automate product tracking and tracing from the supplier to the retailer.
  • Implement metrics and tracking for individual warehouses and departments.
  • Reduce food spoilage and lower inventory costs by delivering demand signals directly from sales and retailers to purchasing.

Streamline business processes

  • Automate data collection and critical business processes from order capture to inventory replenishment and reduce wasteful activities.
  • Deliver real-time business intelligence and alerts on the status of the business to management and customers.
  • Speed order picking by two to six times with powerful, integrated Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solutions.

Enhance responsiveness

  • Generate real-time reports and alerts for management and retailers.
  • Track and easily adapt to changing customer demand.
  • Coordinate communications when several employees are interacting with a customer across multiple channels.
  • Enable customer self-service through Web portals.