Microsoft Forecaster

Microsoft Forecaster is a Web-based budgeting and planning solution that can help your organization take control of its finances, contain costs, and prevent fiscal surprises. Equipped with Microsoft Forecaster, your management team can budget and plan for the future more efficiently and accurately.

Today’s dynamic business environment requires flexible budget development with fast, easy revision capabilities. Forecaster enables you to meet your financial planning and budgeting requirements with easy-to-use templates that help you build budgets collaboratively and perform realistic financial forecasting to prepare for the future. You can set financial goals for your organization that are closely aligned with specific business objectives and first-hand knowledge of market conditions. Then as the business climate changes, managers can adjust financial forecasts and budgets to control finances, contain costs, and prevent fiscal surprises. Forecaster offers these additional capabilities:

  • Budget building based on key financial information pulled from your general ledger to help save time and preserve the integrity of your financial information.
  • Templates that work like familiar software people use every day, such as Microsoft Office Excel, to help budget contributors easily enter cost center data.
  • Customizable workflows to help budget administrators keep processes on track, with features such as automatic email notification.
  • Budget building tied into strategic business objectives, so you can develop budgets for human resources and capital expenditures, allocate and adjust company overhead or other items, and model revenue and profit margins.
  • Streamlined processes, including creating individual budgets, changing budget models, consolidating budgets, and collaborating among departments.
  • Flexible control over how your data summarizes, so your budget administrator can easily organize company charts of accounts; control how posting data consolidates; and create rollups for accounts, cost centers, or accounting entities that your organization requires.
  • Quickly view current budget-to-actual comparisons to help you understand the effect of changing numbers on your plans.

How can Perimeter help you with Microsoft Forecaster?

Perimeter can provide implementation, integration, training, software support, helpdesk, consulting and systems tailoring. Our qualified accountants, systems integrators and technicians fully understand Microsoft Forecaster and have many successful implementations under their belt. During consultation with your business, we will analyze your needs and make recommendations that will increase your productivity and efficiency.